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By : Janki Parikh on August 17, 2015 | 77 Views | 2 responses

I’ve lived in 3 countries, and known and experienced them deeply. I’ve made some wonderful, wonderful friends who’ve come from every place imaginable, and who’ve been so incredibly kind and gracious – I could never have deserved it! I’ve wet my feet in 9 seas of the world. I’ve experienced the joys and frustrations of motherhood. I’ve experienced heartbreak, sickness, death.

The list is nothing compared to the things I haven’t experienced. I’ve never bungee-jumped or scuba-dived or skydived. I’ve never aspired to climb K2 or run a marathon. I haven’t travelled all that much. I’ve never owned a business or been a CFO. I’ve never smoked pot. I’ve never owned a Prada bag, or wanted to. The list is endless, literally.

My point is NOT that friendships or spiritual experiences are better than material ones. My point is the lure of the world is endless! As is the call of the bucket list of things one has or hasn’t experienced! Such is the nature of the world, its maya! The things you have experienced start to define you, to hem you in (the traveller, the national award winner, the great cook, the loser). And the things you haven’t yet experienced make you crazy! They make you restless, disturbed, anxious, craving…. mad! And there is a beautiful high when you finally experience the thing you crave, but as soon as you’ve ridden the high, you find yourself falling back into the valley of wanting – something else, this time.

The answer is – to know yourself! Know who you are, know the true nature of your eternal, free, imperishable, complete, content, serene Self. And know the nature of the world whose job is to keep throwing seemingly beautiful, impossible things in your face, and to mock your seeming inadequacy to get them, all the time!

The Ashtavakra Gita says –

It is rare to find a person who neither dwells on pleasures enjoyed in the past, nor longs for pleasures not yet experienced! ||17-4||

None of the senses can bring joy to the wise one who rests in himself. ||17-3||

The great one rests on the ground of his true nature, and forgets this entire samsara! ||18-86||

The wise one neither desires the end of this world, nor despises its continued existence. He lives life as it is, always blessed, always happy! ||17-7||

The point is not renunciation of the world or your desires. Aspire to big, beautiful, shiny things! Go forth and do great things in the world, change the world, shine, be loud, be heard, be relevant, be respected, be GREAT! Or… don’t…

But when you find yourself defined and limited by the things you have experienced, or crazy about the things you haven’t, take a breath and remember who you are. And rest on the ground of your true nature. Does it matter then, what you have done, or haven’t?

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